Greetings my name is Secundino “Dino”  Martinez and I’m the owner of Jah Love Entertainment based in historic Woodstock, NY and we need your help.
We would love to put on a live reggae concert with an international reggae artist that will be ending his nationwide tour with us to help feed the homeless and help support a great organization, Family of Woodstock.

“Since 1970, FAMILY has been an anchor for area residents, a place where people are respectful and caring, and where the search for solutions is creative and tireless. FAMILY’s shelters, emergency food pantries, domestic violence services, court advocates, counseling and case management services, hotlines, and child care supports all work together to help people achieve the changes they seek.”

We have an opportunity to put on a major reggae concert/food drive in Woodstock NY to do just that, but I need your help to make it happen.

We need help with funding because we would like to, instead of cash for tickets, have each attendee donate one (1) shopping bag of non-perishable food items.  We want to make it so that the attendees can get a ticket to the concert and the after party including a meet and greet with the artist for a bag of non-perishable food items that will in turn be donated to Family of Woodstock, who work everyday to help the homeless and underprivileged.

I’m looking for help with funds because we’re a very small company and we’re not able to absorb the cost of this type of show because we will not be charging cash for tickets. The cash raised would be to cover the artist fee, advertising, equipment, etc. The artist and his team have reduced their fees substantially just to make this show happen.  A show like this would normally cost about $10,000 or more, so you can see how much the artist and his team is trying to work with us to make this happen and make Woodstock NY the last date of his tour. The show would be on October 27th of this year which only gives me 4 weeks to make this happen and with everyone’s help I know we can pull this off and feed hundreds of people in need.  We are very short on time so the faster I can raise funds, the faster I can sign the contracts and start advertising it.
Our goal is to raise a record number of food for the homeless and underprivileged in our community and with your help I know we can do it. We reached out to a couple of corporate sponsors but these things take time to be approved and as I stated already time is of the essence to catch this tour. We secured a sponsorship with a resort that will be providing all the accommodations for the artist, so that’s one hurdle that we’ve taken care of. 
I figure that by linking up with the tour we would be able to draw a huge crowd thus bringing in as much food as possible. I want to thank everyone in advance that helps with this project. I’m very grateful and thankful to anyone that helps me fulfill our goal of feeding as many people as we can while also having an amazing reggae concert.

***** Any money left over after all fees are paid will be donated directly to Family of Woodstock*****